Polyway is designed to ensure sustainability and stability for all participants in the ecosystem. The platform employs a thoroughly crafted tokenomic model that guarantees profitability and price stability regardless of market dynamics or shocks.

PLW Token Supply and Distribution

Total Token Supply: 365 million PLW:

  • Advisers and Strategic Partners (10% - 36,500,000 PLW). Vesting period is 24 months with 12 months cliff period and unlocking from the 13th month at 8.33% monthly during 12 months.

  • Foundation and Early Investors (25% - 91,250,000 PLW). Vesting period is 18 months with 6 months cliff period and unlocking from the 7th month at 8.33% monthly during 12 months.

  • NFT (10% - 37,155,000 PLW). NFT collection launch to get funding. 100% to be unlocked immediately. Tokens to be accrued till the end of 2024.

  • IDO (5% - 18,250,000 PLW). Placing tokens through Initial DEX Offering (IDO). 25% to be unlocked immediately, 75% cliff for 3 months.

  • Liquidity for Exchanges (12% - 43,800,000 PLW). Providing liquidity for centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX, DEX).

  • Polyway Foundation (12.85% - 46,902,500 PLW). This foundation is intended to support the development of the project. Vesting period is 24 months with 12 months cliff period with one unlocking 6% after 6 months and the remaining 94% from the 13th month at 7.83% during 12 months.

  • Pre-sale and Investors (16% - 57,745,000 PLW). 20% to be unlocked immediately and the remaining 80% from the 1st month at 13.83% during 6 months.

  • Ambassadors and Marketing Programs (5% - 18,250,000 PLW). Funds for ambassadors, affiliate programs and marketing.

  • Retrodrops and Activity Programs (4% - 14,600,000 PLW). Distribution of tokens for participants of retro programs and activities.

  • Airdrop for DAO (0.15% - 547,500 PLW). Airdrop for DAO participants with indefinite lockup period. Tokens can only be used for voting in DAO. To unlock, there shall be 5 completed successful votes.

The parameters of the tokenomics model were calculated to ensure the sustainability of the project and encourage participation in various aspects of the Polyway ecosystem.

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